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Dear AIOS Members

I am extremely happy to pen this AIOS Times foreword. For the first time in the history of our society something like AIOS Times has been started. This is an attempt to communicate to the member’s scientific news from all over the world and to keep the members posted about many of the ophthalmic related issues that concern all of us. Important issues such as the operating theatre sterilization and infection control guidelines, health care accreditation issues and a host of others are being highlighted in this copy of AIOS Times. I am happy under the able guidance of our energetic and experienced secretary, that the AIOS times has come alive. A number of people have contributed to the first ever edition of the AIOS times and I am grateful to all them. Members and ophthalmologists including Dr. Ravindran, Dr B Ghosh, Dr Nirmal Fredrick, Dr. Suneeta Dubey, Dr. D Chandrasekhar, Dr Gagan Dudeja have worked hard to bring out changes to the accreditation process to make it more suitable for eye centres and they talk about the importance of this in the current issue. The AIOS times has different sections that may interest different group of members and I invite all of you to contribute positively and constructively to the growth of our own newsletter. I am sure this will keep everyone up to date regarding the latest scientific, academic and social developments in the field of ophthalmology. I wish all the members a very happy, safe, prosperous and healthy Deepavali and festive season all over the country and the world.

Best wishes

Dr. K.S. Santhan Gopal
President, AIOS